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The term Ground and Pound (or GnP) is a phrase that was created in the early days of Mixed Martial Arts and it is used to describe the tactic of keeping your opponent pinned on the ground while doing damage with punches and strikes.

With submission statistics showing that submissions are happening less and less frequently as MMA evolves, ground and pound still provides a legitimate threat to a grounded opponent and can often lead to a KO or TKO.

Here are a collection of our video tutorials covering various aspects effective ground striking, including core concepts, striking with elbows from inside the guard and training your ground strikes to be more powerful and effective by practising on a heavy bag.

In this first video tuition piece we go through the basics of several core concepts and fundamental components for successful ground striking including placement of the feet, knees, hands, elbows and head and some basic guidance around striking from inside the guard.

Learn MMA Ground and Pound
Get the basics correct and you’ll be more effective and harder to submit

In this next video we specifically look at striking with the elbow from inside your opponent’s guard. This can be a great way to mount a ground attack as you can often be restricted for room to move and elbows have the potential to cause a lot of damage from very close range and with little movement. Also striking with the elbows often means that your arms are kept in tight compact positions that will generally be better for defence and make you harder to submit while utilising your ground and pound attack.

Striking with elbows from the guard
Using elbow strikes for maximum damage from the guard

In the final video in this series we look at ways to use the heavy bag to improve the power and effectiveness of your ground and pound attack. This video covers striking from mount, side control, knee on belly and guard with punches, knees and elbows plus there are tips on how to generate power while keeping disciplined and defensive when needed.

Heavy Bag Training - MMA Ground and Pound
Use the heavy bag to take your Ground & Pound power to the next level



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