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If you’re having trouble When you’re opponent captures a single leg on you and you’re looking for some inspirational ways to counter this wrestling move then here are 3 slightly unorthodox techniques that might just become your new favourite single leg escape!

1. Scissor Sweep Takedown

First on the list is the scissor sweep take down – it may look high risk but it can be incredibly effective if you pick the right time to go for it. The main trigger for this opportunity is the angle of your relationship to your opponent, if you can offset yourself to the side by posting on your opponent or look for a time where your opponent offsets themselves as part of a set up then your scissor sweep counter attack may be on.

2. Shoulder Lock Counter Takedown

If you can get some weight down on your opponent and compromise their posture then you might have a chance at hitting this great shoulder lock counter. Here we reach across to the far arm and lock it up with a double wrist lock, we then use a sit and roll action with a foot sweep to send our opponent rolling over. If you land in a good position there’s also a great chance to hit a Shoulder Rotation / Kimura style submission.

3. Rolling Ompolata Counter

We show this final one from the ground when someone is trying to tie up a single leg during a scramble but it can also be done against from standing if your opponent is committed to both knees as they’re trying to capture the leg. As you spin to face the same direction as your opponent and then start to roll you can place tremendous leverage on your opponents arm, if this forces them to give up on the grip then you’re out and if they don’t then there’s a great chance of turning this into a Omoplata style shoulder lock submission. Again it’s quite unorthodox but it can be done!

And one more just for fun…


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