Statistics From Submissions Outside Top 5

In our Top 10 Submission Statistics we clearly identify a top 5 set of submissions that significantly out perform all the rest. They are

But once you get outside the top 5 there is then a secondary level of submission techniques that contribute just under 20% of the total submission count, these techniques are

  • Kimura
  • D’Arce Choke
  • Heel Hook
  • Knee Bar
  • Anaconda Choke

let’s take a look at how these next 5 submissions look over the years in terms of fight finishing percentage.

That graph can be pretty difficult to decipher so the next graph shows how each of these submissions overall market share has grown or shrunk throughout the years. So these percentages are accumulative up until that year. This gives us a much clearer view and is far more readable.

You really get to see the trends here and you can see that the D’Arce Choke and the Anaconda Choke are the submissions that are showing the most positive trends.

Next we look at how each submission breaks down individually, for each submission we show overall finishes year on year, overall percentage year on year and then the overall market share change year on year.





















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