Rear Naked Choke Statistics

First Appearence in UFC : UFC 1

November 12 1993

For the past 5 years in the UFC the Rear Naked Choke has been the number one submission in the Best Submissions list by a long way.

Take a look at the Top Ten Submission ranking table and you’ll see just how dominant the Rear Naked Choke has been in the past 25 years. It outranks all other submissions by a considerable margin.

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Here are the total fights finished in the UFC by Rear Naked Choke, the overall fight finishing percentage for the Rear Naked Choke and finally the finishing ratio.

Total Finishes


Finishing %


Finishing Ratio

1 in 13

The fight finishing percentage might not seem that impressive at first view but the ratio helps put this into perspective – 1 in every 13 fights for the last 25 years has been finished by the Rear Naked Choke, that’s quite a feat.

The next graph shows us how the Rear Naked Choke compares to the other submissions in the top 10.

This means that more than a third of all submissions achieved in the UFC can be attributed to the Rear Naked Choke. Compare this to the Triangle Choke that manages to contribute only around 6% of all the submissions. Our next graph shows the total finishes achieved by the Rear Naked Choke in the UFC Year on Year

Total Finishes Via Rear Naked Choke In The UFC Year on Year

This graph shows how the volume of Rear Naked Choke finishes has grown hand in hand with the overall volume of fights. Hitting 40+ submissions per year at its height. 2014 and 2016 are competing for the top spot in terms of sheer number of finishes with 44 each.

The next graph shows how this has accumulated as a total over time. This may not seem particularly relevant at first glance but it’s useful to tell when the submission has accelerated, decelerated of plateaued.

Accumulative Total Finishes Via Rear Naked Choke In The UFC Year on Year

This clearly shows how the Rear Naked Choke has always been a submission on the rise and has never really plateaued or had an off season. The graph may look as expected but in comparison to many other submissions it looks markedly different.

So let’s take a look at how this compares to other submissions in the top 10…

Accumulative Total Finishes For Top 10 Submissions In The UFC Year on Year

Again you can see how the Rear Naked Choke continues to pull away from all other submissions and increases the gap that it holds over all other submissions. It doesn’t seem like there is any evidence that this is really going to change and so it is likely that the Rear Naked Choke will continue to dominate for the foreseeable future.

Now we’ll shift away from volume to look at percentages, we’re going to examine this in a few different ways. Firstly we’ll look at the percentage of fights that get finished by Rear Naked Choke in the UFC year on year.


Fight Finishing Percentage For Rear Naked Choke In The UFC Year on Year

So aside from a strangely under performing year in 2013 where it only managed 4.4%, the Rear Naked Choke consistently hits great percentages of 7% or more once we’re into the modern era. This might not seem like much but if you looked at the Triangle Choke you would see that it’s barely got above 1% for several years now.

The next graph is a little more difficult to understand but it’s one of the most important. This graph shows us how the total percentage of submissions that can be attributed to the Rear Naked Choke cumulatively throughout the years. So for any given year the percentage value shown is for that year and all preceding years combined.

Accumulative Percentage Of Submissions Via Rear Naked Choke In The UFC

This is the signature of the Rear Naked Choke, this tells us perhaps more succinctly than any other graph how the submission has trended throughout the years. It’s a very clear journey, the Rear Naked Choke hit an all time low in 2004 when it fell to just 18.85% but ever since it has just gone from strength to strength to its current all time high of almost 37%.

If we plot this against the other submissions in the top 5 we’ll see just how impressive this is.

Accumulative Percentage Of Submission Finishes For Top 5 In The UFC

So comparatively the Rear Naked Choke shows a trend in the modern era that no other submission can match, even when compared to another high performing submission like the Guillotine Choke you can see that the Rear Naked Choke is still a long way ahead.

In conclusion, the Rear Naked Choke is by far the most effective and consistent submission in high level Mixed Martial Arts. No other submission gets anywhere close.

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