Overall 2017 Submission Statistics For UFC

The following statistics were recorded from 457 fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship for the whole of 2017, all submissions in all of the 2017 UFC events are tracked here. You can see all the submission statistics from the UFC’s entire history here.

The highlights for 2017 are as follows:

  • There were 457 fights in the UFC in 2017 – down from 493 in 2016
  • There were a total of 80 submission finishes in 2017 – down 9 from 2016
  • The overall percentage of fights finished via submission was 17.5% – down 0.5% from 2016
  • There were 14 different submissions used to finish fights
  • The Anaconda Choke and the Von Flue Choke had there most successful years ever with 3 finishes each
  • The Triangle Choke had its worst year since 2004 with just 2 finishes
  • The Guillotine Choke almost lost its number 2 spot to the Arm Bar with just 11 finishes

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Let’s get into the detail, first up we’ll look at the core stats for the year in terms of total submission count and percentage of fights finished via submission. The fights finished percentage is very important as it allows to compare statistics year on year more accurately as the stats aren’t skewed so much by the increasing/decreasing volume of fights.

Fights Finished Via Submission

% of Fights Finished Via Submission

Overall this was not a particularly spectacular year for submissions, the overall amount was down and the finishing percentage was down. The submission finishing rate has been on a steady decline of around 0.5 – 1% for the past 3 years since we had a pretty spectacular submission year in 2014.

Submission Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Things get far more interesting once we get into the submission details. 2017 was actually a very good year for submission variety, there were fourteen different submissions used to finish fights in the UFC this year up form only 10 different submissions in 2016. This means that this was the second best year ever in terms of submission diversity, only being topped by the bumper year in 2014 with a total of 17 different submissions.

2017 Submission Finishes Breakdown

List of 2017 Submissions In UFC


The Decline Of The Triangle Choke Continues

The Triangle choke had its worst year since 2003 with an overall finishing percentage of 0.44% This represented just 2 finishes out of 457 fights, that’s the worst overall total since 2004 when just 1 Triangle choke was achieved. This meant that the Triangle Choke finished joint 8th in the submission rankings along with the Kimura and the North-South Choke and it was beaten by the Anaconda Choke, the D’Arce Choke and the Von Flue Choke.

The Triangle Choke has an all time finishing percentage of 1.34% so this means that in 2017 it was underperforming its overall mark by 66%.

The Guillotine Choke Has Its Worst Year For 14 Years

The Guillotine Choke also had a poor year and its worst since 2003 with a finishing percentage of just 2.41%. That’s down from 4.44% in 2015 a 46% drop in just two years (although 2015 was particularly strong). For comparison the Guillotine has an all time finishing percentage of 3.77% The Guillotine Choke just about held onto its long time number 2 rank in the submission list with the Arm Bar finishing just one place behind it.

The Arm Bar Almost Steals The Number 2 Slot

The Arm Bar had a pretty good year with a total of 10 finishes. This gave it a finishing percentage of 2.19% its best year since 2013. It went up one in the submission rankings from 6 in 2016 to 5 in 2017.

Ovince Saint Preux Helps The Von Flue Have Its Best Ever Year

Thanks largely to Ovince Saint Preux the Von Flue Choke (Shoulder Choke) was hit a record 3 times. OSP finished two fights with it and Jordan Rinaldi finished Álvaro Herrera with it at UFC Fight Night 114. Previous to 2017 it had only been used to finish 2 fights in the UFC – once in 2006 and once in 2014 (once again from OSP).

Rise Of The Anaconda!

The Anaconda Choke was another submission on the rise with 3 total finishes, the most ever in a single year. This gave it an overall finishing percentage of 0.66%, it’s best finishing rate since 2010 when it was seen twice in a single year.

This means that the Anaconda Choke actually finished the year joint 5th in the submission rankings with the Von Flue Choke and the D’Arce Choke.

Return Of The Knee Bar

2017 saw the first knee bar finish for 4 years, the last time we saw it in UFC competition was in 2013 when there were 2 finishes via knee bar.

Rare Submission Wins

It was a great year for rare submission wins. We saw a submission that had never been recorded in the UFC previously when Oleksiy Oliynyk hit the first ever Ezekiel Choke against Viktor Pešta. Brett Johns hit a submission of the year contender with his amazing Calf Slicer against Joe Soto at The Ultimate Fighter 26 Finale, just the second time a Calf Slicer has ever been used in the UFC to finish a fight.

2017 Submission Breakdown Fight By Fight

Quite a few fights throughout the year had four submission finishes. Only UFC Fight Night: Gustafsson vs. Teixeira finished without any submission finishes.

Probably the most notable event in terms of submission statistics was The Ultimate Fighter 26 Finale back on December 1st 2017. On that night there were 3 finishes by Arm Bar, you have to go all the way back to UFC on Fuel TV: Nogueira vs. Werdum in 2013 for the last time this happened. On top of that all of the Arm Bar finishes were by female fighters and then Brett Johns capped it all off with his crazy Calf Slicer!

Submission of the year 2017

It’s always fun to debate this stuff and there some amazing contenders for Submission of the year 2017! Here’s our top 3 submissions for the year in the UFC

Runner Up : Brett Johns Calf Slicer

Incredible presence of mind and methodical thinking just a few seconds into the fight. Brett Johns see his chance and believes in his technique to secure the second ever Calf Slicer in the UFC and secure himself a place on the all time best submissions list!

Runner Up : Aleksei Oleinik Ezekiel Choke

The audacity to pull this off from the bottom! Many people will argue about the merits of this submission against the very best opposition but you can’t take it away from Aleksei, he knew exactly what he was doing when he set this up and he secures the first ever choke of its kind in the UFC.

No gi Ezekiel from the bottom mount

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Winner : Demetrious Johnson With The Mouse Trap!

So you’re in the fifth round of a fight that you’re completely dominating and about to break a record. You have everything to lose and little to gain – accept perhaps for one of the best submissions ever seen in the UFC!

Mighty Mouse pulls off an incredible Suplex to Arm Bar Combination, because that’s what you do when you’re one of the greatest fighters to ever enter the octagon.

If you made it right to the end of this breakdown then we thank you very much for taking the time to read through it all and really hope you enjoyed it! 

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