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In this video we break down some tips for the Thai Clinch / Double Neck Clinch that will help you to stay in control and prevent your opponent from getting too many effective strikes. At UFC on FUEL TV 3 Igor Pokrajac managed to secure the Muay Thai Clinch / Double Neck Clinch several times but was rarely able to dominate or use the position to its full advantage. Fabio Maldonado was able to throw hard punches to the body while he was stuck in the Thai Clinch and scored some great points from this position. Igor Pokrajac’s issues came from his failure to control the head position as he constantly allowed Fabio Maldonado to keep his head at a relatively equal height. This allowed Fabio to keep a good posture and drive his hips into his strikes achieving some great power punches. The tip here is to keep your head position over your opponent, by dominating the height in this way you can break down the posture of your opponent, create extra fatigue in them by making them carry your weight and reduce the power of their punches.

This clinch tip is appropriate for MMA and Muay Thai.


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1 thought on “Tips For The Thai Clinch From UFC On FUEL TV 3”

  1. If you want to be successful in clinch work, you need to keep your hands wrapped tight around the back of the opponents head (the crown area) and position your elbows in front of the shoulders. if you grip your opponents neck instead if his head (as illustrated in the video) It’s almost guarenteed you will find yourself in trouble, as he will be able to maintain his posture and escape the position very quickly.

    Grabbing the neck area and trying to win with using force is a textbook mistake with a lot of MMA practioners; best thing is to use the energy of the opponent against them by pulling and pushing him in the direction he’s already moving.

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