Scissor Sweep Takedown Counter To Single Leg

In this video we look at a slightly unorthodox counter take down to the Single Leg where we utilise a scissor sweep action to catch our opponent off guard.

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There was a great example of this kind of takedown being used by Rachael Ostovich at the recent Invicta FC 10 event. We start by posting and or striking on the head in order to offset our position and try and come inline with our opponents stance. If we can achieve this kind of angle then the take down is on and we have to then be confident enough to sacrifice our position by dropping to the ground. As we do this we leave the single leg attempt from our opponent in place and scissor our standing leg around the back of their stance to initiate the scissor sweep action. The Key actions are as follows:

  1. Offset your position so that you’re inline with your opponents stance
  2. Allow your opponent to carry some of your weight by hanging on their neck or shoulders
  3. As you drop move your hips towards to your opponents foot that is closest to you
  4. Keep your captured leg in the original position and keep the foot hooked into the far leg
  5. Keep your bottom leg off the floor as you hit the takedown
  6. Scissor the top leg backward and the bottom leg forward to complete the take down
  7. Quickly extract your leg from any danger so that you don’t get caught in any leg submissions

The great thing about this takedown is that the set up is initiated by your opponent so they can often be distracted by thoughts of their own takedown and lose focus on your own options. This is a high risk takedown but it is possible in MMA fights and BJJ matches.


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