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Learn how to do a Rampage Jackson slam with this opportunistic takedown tip. At UFC 144 Quinton Rampage Jackson slammed Ryan Bader on his head in dramatic fashion, one of the few highlights to his loss. It may have looked like a quick reaction to a split second opportunity but really it was a move that he waited patiently for and baited Ryan into taking. Ryan Bader has an over under clinch up against the cage, he was controlling Jackson pretty well with this but Rampage wasn’t fighting it too hard as from early on he knew there was a chance to get one of his trademark slams. On the side where Rampage still has an underhook he knows that he still has an opportunity to grab under the leg if only he can get close enough to it, so instead of trying to reach down he baits Ryan into lifting his leg up by offering him an iressitable chance to knee him in the head. As Bader goes to knee, Quinton Jackson already has the move prepared in his mind and grabs it as it’s coming up, this gives Rampage all the movement and momentum he needs to lift Bader up high and slam him down hard.

A great slam take down for MMA.


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