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In this MMA groundwork video we share a quick tip for tricking your opponent into an easy guard pass. The move involves some basic misdirection where we drive forward into our opponent when they are in an open guard position to try and get them to kick us off with the legs.

If and when they do push off with the legs we use our opponent’s own movement and momentum to initiate the guard pass. When we sense the push we drive the feet together and to the ground and then quickly get some weight onto the legs and pass to side control.

Here are the key points

  1. Control the ankles of your opponent in preparation for the pass and guide your opponents feet into your hips
  2. Drive into your opponent to get them to react, ideally you want them to kick you back in the opposite direction
  3. When your opponent kicks you off you need to continue to control the ankles and push them together and to the floor
  4. While your opponents legs are straightened out quickly get some bodyweight onto them anywhere above their knees to prevent them recovering leg positions
  5. Progress up your opponent into side control – you can even use a body roll to achieve this!
  6. If your opponent doesn’t kick off then just keep their legs stacked into them and switch to a ground striking strategy instead

This technique is particularly useful in MMA grappling scenarios because you can use your striking as a distraction and it’s more likely that your opponent may want to kick off and return to standing rather than staying on the ground.


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