How To Finish A Takedown When You’re Low On A Single Leg

The always great Cary Kolat shows a great way to finish a takedown when you’re stuck down low on a single leg and your opponent is preventing you trying to get better control. This scenario happens frequently in MMA when your opponent is trying to turn out of a single leg so it’s the kind of finish that you’ll be able to go after a lot in Mixed Martial Arts wrestling exchanges.

Here are the key details on how to do this takedown:

  1. You start by being stuck on a low single leg, in other words you’re below the knee and the momentum has stalled
  2. As we’ll be switching back to a double leg attack to finish this takedown the first key move drag on your opponent’s leg to get the standing leg closer to you ready to attack, don’t just dive in on the leg before you’ve got in vulnerable
  3. When your opponent’s standing leg is vulnerable step in so that you’re able to commit to attacking it and then go after it with an ankle pick
  4. once you have standing leg captured squeeze and drive to complete the takedown in a double leg style finish

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