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Learn a slightly unorthodox method for blocking the wrestling single leg take down of your opponent and then countering with your own take down by using a shoulder lock / Kimura / Double wrist lock tie up on the arm.

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We use the shoulder lock to trap and secure the opponents far arm and then we control their upper body in order to prepare our own counter takedown. Once the Kimura grip is in place we use a sit and roll action to complete the take down while sweeping up and over with the leg that was captured by the single leg.

The Key points are

  1. Block on the head and get your weight over your opponent
  2. Tie up the far arm with a Kimura / double wrist lock style grip as if you’re going to attempt a shoulder lock
  3. Leave the captured leg in between your opponent’s leg so that it can be used to sweep your opponent over
  4. Use a sit and roll action to initiate the takedown
  5. As you hit the ground drive your captured leg up to roll the opponent over

This takedown could be used in MMA, BJJ and many other combat sports.


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