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Learn how to do Yoshihiro Akiyama’s amazing trip takedowns that he used on Jake Shields at UFC 144. Akiyama may have lost to Jake shields at UFC 144 but he still managed some impressive looking dynamic Judo style takedowns on the way. The technique looks incredibly fast when you watch it in real time but the real key is in the preparation. In order to perform an outside trip on the front leg at such a pace Yoshihiro Akiyama prepares himself while Jake Shields is closing the distance instead of waiting for the clinch to be solidified before starting the takedown. Akiyama does this by recognising the times when Shields is closing for a clinch and before Shields has the clinch formed he starts to turn sideways and looks for the underhook on Shileds rear arm. Because of this preparation, when shields moves in Akiyama is already half way through the technique, he’s stepped most of the way across the front leg and his lead hand is waiting to pummel under. If he gets that position it’s a very tough takedown to stop but if it goes wrong Akiyama can end up with his back to his opponent like he did with Jakes Shields in Round 3 of their fight. A great example of Judo in MMA.

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