MMA Psychological Drill – Stare Down Practise For MMA Mental Preparation

Learn how to prepare yourself mentally for MMA competition by practising the stare down process that happens at the start of an MMA fight. In this drill we are aiming to control the emotions that may happen at the start of a fight when you meet your opponent in the middle of the cage. If you don’t practise this part of the process then you could find yourself really suffering psychologically when you go through it for the first few times. The two students start a few meters apart and practise the approach and staredown several times. Just by rehearsing it over and over in training you can gain some of the calmness and confidence that you would only normally get through experience. By using keywords you can also keep the focus on the important psychological factors in hand by centering yourself avoiding distractions. This should be synchronised with your breathing for further physical and mental benefits.

This is a great drill for MMA, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai or any other combat sport.


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