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Here BJJ Black Belt Carlos Vieira and UFC fighter Jake Matthews demonstrate how to perform a Shoulder Lock from a North/South starting position. This is a very nice No Gi submission option because the set up gives you several different submissions that you could potentially chain into including a Kimura and a Straight Arm Bar. This submission can be transitioned into when your opponent is attempting to defend these other arm lock opportunities as ultimately their defence keeps the arm where you need it to make this successful.

The key points to help you learn this submission to use in your MMA game are as follows:

  1. Start in a North/South position with your hips emphasised on one side so that you can begin to attack an arm
  2. Drive under their arm on the side that you’ve placed the hips and place your hand across onto their chest to expose the arm to attack
  3. Move your hands into a standard Kimura attack double wrist lock position to force them to lock their grip and defend
  4. Raise up to a sitting position over their head and switch the grip that is on their wrist so that it goes over their forearm and back under their elbow joint
  5. Transition back to the side where you started the move but move to a standard side position and flip your hips so that they’re facing up
  6. Keep pressure on your opponents hips so that they can’t just raise up and let the movement of the transition to the side apply the pressure to the elbow and shoulder for your Shoulder Lock Submission finish

A great alternative submission finish option on the arm for any grappling/combat sport including BJJ & MMA


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