Modified Twister Submission For MMA

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We love this modified Twister Submission from Neil Melanson AKA ‘The Ground Marshal’, it might seem complex at first look but stick with it as the entry is actually fairly straight forward. It will very often be the case that you have a skilled grapplers back but you still can’t find the finish with more of the conventional choking moves as they’re too well practised at the defence. In this scenario you need more options and something unconventional like this modified Twister submission move could be just the thing! There’s certainly a fair chance that your opponent won’t be so adept and defending the move as they’ve probably had to deal with such things far less.

The move starts by creating an angle off to the side and establishing a fairly standard body triangle piece of control. From this point you’re looking for an opportunity to straighten out the leg that is establishing the body triangle so that it locks their hips in place. This should start to lock down the amount and ease with which your opponent can rotate but you’re still looking for your opponent to initiate the final piece of control for you by turning back in. Once they do this you can look for the finish as you go over the arm and put pressure on the upper body through the head and the neck.

A great submission opportunity for both BJJ and MMA that creates an unorthodox finish from a relatively conventional starting point.


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