Bait The Guillotine To Hit The Arm Triangle Choke

In this MMA training video you will learn how to set up an Arm Triangle Choke / Biceps with Shoulder Suppression by baiting your opponent into attempting a Guillotine Choke / Inner Forearm Choke. If you’re in your opponent’s Guard / Bottom Control position the Guillotine Choke is a core submission that your opponent may look for. This may be a great submission but it can also be easy to defend if you spot it early and the set up for the Guillotine can actually leaves your opponent vulnerable to an Arm Triangle Choke. In this submission tip we are actually going to deliberately bait our opponent into attempting a Guillotine Choke in order for us to achieve the Arm Triangle Choke as a counter attack. We purposefully leave our head in a vulnerable position so that we encourage our opponent to try and get the Guillotine, at this point it’s very important to react early and start to apply the Arm Triangle position before the Guillotine can be fully engaged. At this point we need to drive the head towards our opponent’s arm and quickly jump out to Side Control to apply the Arm Triangle Choke.

A great submission set up for BJJ, MMA or any other submission wrestling sport.


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