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In this submission tip video we look at how to get an Ankle Lock / Calf Slicer submission when your opponent makes the mistake of crossing your ankles when he has your back. So it’s a great submission that you can get while you’re defending back mount and chokes.

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If you’re a grappling beginner then you may have been told not to cross your ankles when you have back mount or control. This is because if you do cross your ankles your opponent will have a great opportunity to get you to tap out by applying an extension/compression submission to your ankle and calf.

Here are the key points to remember

  1. If you take someone’s back and your feet are in the middle then don’t cross your feet at the ankles!
  2. If your opponent does cross their feet then use your own hands and feet to manipulate their legs so that they’re crossed deeply on the ankles
  3. Overhook your opponents top foot with your own leg and then figure four your own legs to lock it into place

This is a must know tip for MMA, BJJ or any grappling sport.


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