Knee Shield to Deep Half Guard No Gi Sweep

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Here’s a nice direction switch sweep that can be used in Mixed Martial Arts grappling situations as it starts from a fairly protected position and you don’t need to ‘hang out’ in the Deep Half Guard position and risk getting too many heavy strikes coming your way. Here are the key points to ensure you can smoothly hit this No GI sweep:

  1. Start with a strong knee shield so that you’re protected and starting to get some control over your opponent
  2. Sit up into a deep underhook to get control over your opponent’s torso, grab right through to the far side lat
  3. From the raised up position roll yourself back down to the mat and use the momentum to roll right into a Deep Half Guard position
  4. Continue the momentum from the roll so that you’re in your Deep Half Guard position right under your opponent’s hips
  5. Use the leg that is furthest through to hook on your opponent’s leg and then feed it to your hand so that you can destroy their base on that side
  6. Once you’ve controlled the leg continue the momentum in the same direction by sitting back up and rolling your opponent onto their back
  7. Block your opponent’s hips and roll across your own hips to keep pressure on your opponent and begin the process of extracting your leg
  8. Push on their far leg to finally remove your own leg from between theirs and repost it into their hip to finalise the sweep

Any technique that uses switches of direction to generate movement in this way is often good for MMA as it usually means that you’ll not get caught in a static position where you are vulnerable to Ground and Pound.


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