Innovation On The Kimura / Double Wrist Lock Set Up

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The always brilliant Garry Tonon shows some innovative set ups and control techniques for getting a Double Wrist Lock / Kimura from the Half Guard. This could also be used as Garry Tonon shows to attain a sweep or reversal and flow into other control points and submissions.

The details are as follows:

  • Working from half-guard on the bottom you need to protect the underhook on the far side from the opponent on top, so tuck elbow in
  • Look to drive the arm that you are protecting across and through to the opposite side, driving under your opponents armpit and locking in around there back
  • The natural reaction of your opponent at this point will be to either try and re-establish their underhook or crossface to drive you back to the mat
  • As they bring their arm into play you have the opportunity to lock in the double wrist lock and potentially a Kimura
  • Once you have the double wrist lock locked up you can then start to manipulate your opponent
  • Rotate through on the arm to get your opponent to have to react and shift their weight in order to prevent the finish
  • As they start to shift their weight, hook your foot into the far hip and then initiate a sweep with a combination of the kimura grip and the butterfly hook
  • If your opponent keeps their arm straight the same sweep can be achieved by just driving their straight arm over the head instead
  • Once you have reversed your opponent you can flow into many other control positions or submission attempts, including of course the Kimura itself

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