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In this video Jeff Glover teaches how to counter a common knee slide guard pass with this excellent D’arce Choke option that will catch many opponents off guard. We love this technique because although the timing is very difficult to master the concept itself isn’t that difficult to grasp and by getting the underhook position you give yourself multiple ways to counter attack and the Darce Choke submission just becomes one exciting finish that you could go after.

Here are the key points to remember

  1. Watch for your opponent setting up the knee slide guard pass and prepare your arms early
  2. As your opponent settles into the pass allow them to capture one underhook but on the opposite side slide your own are under the body
  3. Your own underhook is the key to the movement, once you have it use it to rotate your body so that you are pointing in the opposite direction to your opponent but still underneath them
  4. As you rotate use your arm that was caught in an underhook to capture your opponent’s head
  5. Close your arms together to form the grip for a D’Arce Choke Submission
  6. Continue to rotate into your opponent to complete the submission

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