Robert Whittaker Demonstrates His Front Kick To Leaping Left Hook Combination

Current UFC Middleweight champion Robert Whittaker has had a fantastic rise through the ranks in the UFC and many of his wins have come because of his fantastic striking work. In this MMA Striking video Robert Whittaker takes us through one of his favourite kick, punch combinations as he shows us how to use the Front Kick as a distraction to get a clean entry into the leaping left hook.

Here are the key points:

  1. Throw the Front Kick high to the face, if it lands it’s a bonus, if it doesn’t then it still achieves the job of blinding and distracting our opponent
  2. The second the kick comes back down prepare yourself for the left hook
  3. Remember you’ll be out at range because of the kick so get ready to move in fast with your feet
  4. Throw the left hook as soon as you can otherwise you’ll lose the advantage you gained by distracting your opponent with the kick

A simple yet highly effective striking combination for MMA or any other combat sport like Muay Thai or K1


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