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Learn how to do the Jon Jones lead Elbow strike that he used so effectively against Rashad Evans at UFC 145. Jon Jones uses a crafty bit of hand fighting in order to establish the range and control the movement of Rashad Evans. He is effectively measuring Evans for a whole range of strikes including his great use of the lead elbow strike. When Rashad engages with the hand fighting he allows himself to get distracted and becomes even more susceptible to the attacks of Jon Jones. Once again this is a great example of Jon Jones’ ability to use innovative and unorthodox MMA techniques on his way to victory. This technique works incredibly well when you have a significant reach advantage on your opponent but it can still be incredibly effective against an opponent of the same size. Because of the use of the open hand fighting it’s a technique that suits MMA rather than Muay Thai or other sports that use closed finger gloves.


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