What’s The Best Submission In MMA?

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At MMA 121 our data focuses on revealing facts that will help to educate everyone on what really works in high level Mixed Martial Arts. Rather than concentrating on fighter stats our effort goes into revealing statistics about the MMA game so that you can adjust your training and your tactics accordingly.

In this video we answer a core question “what is the most effective submission in MMA?”

To answer this we look at the data from over 25 years worth of UFC data and over 4,500 fights to see exactly which submissions have been used to finish fights. The data is incredibly conclusive, there is dominant champion in the number one submission slot and it’s the Rear Naked Choke, no other submission comes anywhere near it in terms of overall finishes achieved. It’s nearest rival at number 2, the Guillotine Choke gets only half of the submission finishes that the Rear Naked Choke does, in fact the Rear Naked Choke is responsible for more than 1 in 3 of all submission finishes that there have been in the UFC. The Rear Naked Choke finishes around 8% of all fights in the UFC, that’s an incredible finishing ratio of around 1 in 13 fights. This basically means that on average you’ll see a Rear Naked Choke at every UFC event.

Take a look at our Rear Naked Choke Statistics page for more detail and insight regarding the number 1 submission in the UFC.

For more overall submission statistics & analysis take a look at our Submission Statistics Section.


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