What Is The Most Dangerous Round in MMA?

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Using data from over 5,000 UFC fights we analyse what the most dangerous round in MMA are and what you have to be careful during each round.
This data is designed to help you take a strategic approach to fighting and Mixed Martial Arts, if you’re aware of what the numbers say then you can build a strategy that is more likely to bring you success.
In this video we demonstrate that you are 2x more likely to be finished in round 1 than you are in round 3. There’s a 28% chance of a finish in round 1 but this falls to just 14% by the time you get to round 3.

KOs/TKOs drop off in a different way to submissions, with knock outs there’s a steady rate of decline as you go through each round – 18% to 14% and then to 9% by round 3. However, with submissions the drop off is very different, there’s an almost equal 10% chance of submission in round 1 & 2 but if you make it to round 3 then this drops by almost half to 5.5%.


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