Using Data To Predict Fights – A Live UFC Example

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Did you know that every round in MMA has a specific pattern in terms of energy levels, risks and finishing opportunities? If you knew what that pattern was, how much of an opportunity would you have over your opponent?

In this video we present a side-by-side comparison of our round/time based data against a live UFC fight. This brings a whole new level of insight into the patterns, risks and opportunities that occur during an MMA fight.

We’re always trying to provide analytics that will help to inform Mixed Martial Artists on the facts about what really happens during an MMA fight so that your tactics and strategy can be adjusted accordingly. Our round/time data is one of the most informative pieces of analysis that we provide as it identifies the ‘sweet spots’ for submission and knock out finishes so that as a fighter you can be informed of when to go for certain finishes and when to be careful and more cautious in your approach.

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