The Rhythm & Flow Of Fighting – What We Can Learn From 5,000 Fights

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Knowing just the right time to go after a knockout or finding the sweet spot for a submission finish would give you a distinct tactical advantage in a fight. For the first time ever we reveal the exact times in a fight when you are most likely to get a finish – submissions or KOs. We believe this data is unique and can’t be found anywhere else.

At UFC Secrets we have data from over 5,000 UFC fights and we use this data to deliver insight into the Mixed Martial Arts competition. The purpose of this data is to help you become a better fighter. By uncovering the truth behind the techniques and tactics used in the UFC we can help to inform your own Mixed Martial Arts strategy.

In this video we look into our brand new analytics section where we breakdown all UFC results by time. We look at the overall numbers by round for context but then we break it down further. First we break the rounds into three equal parts so that we can examine the trends between the start, middle and end of the round. Then we move onto breaking each round down into ten 30 second pieces so that we can really see the rhythm of the rounds.

Our analytics reveals a lot of insight into the UFC that you may find surprising. Understanding this data can give you a real tactical advantage, off the back of the data you can devise a fight strategy where you can find the sweet spots for KOs or Submissions. This data has taken months and months for us to put together and we really hope you find it useful, if you do then please help us to share it.


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