Ronda Rousey’s Arm Bar Submission Finish On Cat Zingano At UFC 184

In this video we breakdown Ronda Rousey’s excellent arm bar submission finish of Cat Zingano at UFC 184. After the fight Ronda Rousey admitted that she’d never practised the armbar in the same way that she applied it in the fight, so the real greatness of the finish is Ronda’s ability to think clearly and apply the fundamental principles of an arm bar in a high pressure situation and very quickly.

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Here are the key points to remember

  1. From the scramble get one hook in place to begin establishing back control
  2. Attack the neck in order to distract your opponent and get them to react
  3. When your opponent reaches up trap the arm by over wrapping the arm and driving your hand to your hip
  4. Take your free leg across the head so that you can get your hips onto back of the triceps
  5. Lay onto the hip that’s on the head side so that you can begin to apply pressure with the hips
  6. Finish the submission by driving through with the hips while driving back with the armpit and driving through with the legs

In the video we explore how Ronda Rousey applied the core concepts of trapping an arm and then getting the hips onto the back of the arm in order to apply pressure.


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