How To Fight Like JON JONES Part I

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In this series we explore the elements that will help you to understand how to fight like Jon Jones. In part one we focus on some of the psychological components that Jon Jones brings into play during fights.

The psychological components that Jon Jones brings to a fight are often missed or not fully appreciated when people are analysing his game. In particular, by bringing unorthodox and creative techniques to the table Jon Jones often induces a state of ‘Paralysis by Analysis’ in his opponents. By utilising techniques that his opponents are less familiar with he forces them to have to over analyse during the fight which has the effect of getting them thinking too much about what Jon Jones is going to do and not enough about what they themselves should be doing. Thus they tip into a state of paralysis by analysis, they are frozen as they are trying to work out the complex puzzle of Jon Jones.

This effect has been apparent in many of Jon Jones fights and in particular against Anthony Smith as Smith appeared to be frozen during the fight, even during periods of relative inactivity from Jones.

The nice thing about this component of Jon Jones game is that almost anyone can utilise this tactic and the principles into their own MMA game, even if they don’t naturally fight anything like Jon Jones.


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