FIGHT DATA : An Overview Of The UFC Secrets Analytics

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At UFC Secrets we track data from every fight in the UFC – that’s over 25 years of data from over 5,000 fights! The purpose of this is to unveil the secrets revealed by the stats.

Most of the data and statistics that you see in the UFC are based around individual fighters, so while they’re interesting they don’t really allow any upcoming Mixed Martial Artists to understand what’s happening overall in the world of MMA.

Our data focuses on the bigger picture, allowing you to see trends and visualise the way the fights are most likely to play out. This allows you to adjust your fight strategy and tactics so that you are maximising your effort around the most likely scenarios.

In this video you can discover:

  • The chances of fights finishing via decision/knockout/submission
  • The chances of getting knocked out or submitted round by round
  • Where most submissions happen (neck, arms or legs)
  • What the most successful finish of all time in the UFC is
  • What the current trends are for submissions and knock out finishes

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