Counter Jab Lead Uppercut & HEAD KICK Combo For MMA From Luis Peña

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Learn this great southpaw counter to the jab by circling out with the lead uppercut and following up with the head kick.

In our final breakdown video of the fight between Luis Peña and Steven Peterson we look at how Luis Peña used uppercuts to counter the aggressive forward momentum from Steven Peterson.

As Peterson gets a little more desperate to put pressure on Luis Peña he starts to get a little extended and his head gets too far forward and exposed. Luis Peña then uses rear and lead uppercuts to take advantage of the over committed head position. In the final part of the combination he counters the jab by pivoting and throwing a lead uppercut under the jab of Peterson and then uses his arm to palm off Peterson and set him up for a great head kick.

A brilliant striking combination with some interesting technical points.


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