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In this MMA fighter analysis video we take a quick look at UFC fighter Conor McGregor’s ability to change the pace of his striking in order to catch his opponent’s off guard.

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The theory that we explore here is that settling into a rhythm and striking at one consistent pace can be detrimental from both and offensive and defensive perspective. From the defensive perspective Conor McGregor opponent’s often get lulled into a slight false sense of security where his striking comes and one pace, the rhythm gets established, and then the pace is accelerated and his opponent isn’t prepared for it. From an offensive perspective if you only ever strike at one consistent pace, no matter how good that pace is, you can become predictable and easier to counter.

Key points:

  • Don’t allow your striking to get fixed at one pace
  • Deliberately take some pace off the first few strikes of an exchange in order to scout out an opportunity to hit one clean strike at a different pace
  • Try to lull your opponent into a comfortable rhythm so that the change of pace surprises them
  • It’s easier to stay disciplined and defensive at the times where you’re not striking at absolute full speed
  • Managing your pace in this way can also help you to have a lot of energy in reserve for when the opportunity comes to really hit fast

Mixing your pace can also be a very effective way to manage your energy levels and prevent you from exhausting yourself too early.It can also be used as a tactic during wrestling and grappling exchanges where you switch from one pace to another to catch your opponent out.


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