Are Submissions Making A Comeback In The UFC?

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Are Submission Techniques and BJJ making a comeback in the UFC?
Over the past 10 years the rate of submission finishes in the UFC has been steadily declining. However, in 2018 the submission rate was up from 17.5% to 19.2%, that’s its highest level since 2012 when it reached slightly over 20%. This also represents the second highest volume of submissions in a single year ever in the history of the UFC.
We run you through the detail of what we’ve been seeing in the last 18 months and show that 2019 is currently running at a submission rate of almost 25%, that means 1 in 4 fights have been finished via submission in 2019 so far (8 events in – up to UFC London : Till Vs. Masvidal).

Let us know your thoughts about a possible resurgence in submissions / BJJ in high level Mixed Martial Arts competition.


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