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Learn how Alan Jouban used a fantastic spin and elbow strike from a loose collar tie to get the finish against Richard Walsh at UFC 184. In this video we analyse a smart piece of work that Alan Jouban used in order to set up his TKO finish of Richard Walsh, it begins with a ‘neck rip’ where the hand in the collar tie is used to start a rotational movement and then the momentum created from this is used to generate a hard elbow strike.

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Here are the key points

  1. Get a simple collar tie in the clinch to initiate the move
  2. Reach across the neck and use a pull/rip motion to begin a spinning movement
  3. Drive the rotation by back stepping out with the leg on the same side as the collar tie
  4. Keep hold of the collar tie while you prepare to strike with the opposite elbow
  5. Use the rotation to generate momentum into the elbow strike

This move could be used in most striking sports that allow elbow strikes including MMA.


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