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Mark Striegl from the Evolve Fight Team demonstrates 3 nice variations on standard push ups to help build your explosiveness in your MMA game and push your strength and conditioning work. The variations shown are as follows:

The ‘Dive Bomber’ Push Up

This one will really help with your core stability and shoulder stability
Start in a piked position a bit like a downward dog position in yoga and then progress to the ground in a dipping action until you come through a fairly standard push up bottom position as close to the ground as possible. Continue the forward moving action and drive back up into a back arch position. Mark describes it perfectly as trying to slide yourself under a bar.

The ‘Spartan’ or ‘Staggered’ Push Up

This one will challenge your ability to explode continuously over the duration of your repetitions and again add pressure on your shoulder stability
Start in a standard push up position but with your hands slightly staggered, one slightly forward and one slightly backward. In the push up phase you need to explode so that your hands come off the ground and you can switch the stagger position. Try to keep the momentum continuous so that your muscles don’t get a lot of respite between the explosiveness.

The Jumping Single Arm Push or ‘Rocky Balboa’ Push Up

This one is like a more advanced version of the staggered push up as again it will challenge your muscle stability and explosiveness
Start in a standard one handed push up position with a wide stance to assist your balance, try to keep your body as square as possible and have the other one on your leg or behind your back and ready to go. As you push up you need to explode and lift yourself off the ground so that you can change your arms and switch from left to right. As you switch try to keep yourself as square as possible as you lower to the ground.

All of these push ups are great for MMA training and best of all they can be done without the need for any equipment or a training partner so they can be done when you’re not able to get to your MMA or strength and conditioning facility.


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